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Talking wildlife in Tel Aviv

This week I am attending the Animals Committee (AC) of CITES hosted by the Government of Israel and taking place in Tel Aviv. The AC is set up to: to fill gaps in biological and other specialized knowledge regarding species … Continue reading

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Research opportunity on the wildlife trade

ITC has issued a call for tender to carry out research on consumer preferences for wildlife products in Viet Nam. If you or your company is interested to make a bid for this tender, please submit your application here

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Considering wildlife trade legalization – ferrets and rhinos

Two links this week to reports on legalizing ownership and trade in animals. 1.Firstly, from New York where the city is considering re-legalizing the ownership of pet ferrets – underlines how hard it is to legalize something due to the … Continue reading

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Did the CITES one-off sale cause the ivory poaching crisis?

Most of what we hear about the ivory trade comes from Western NGOs often with an advocacy position to ban trade. So it is interesting to read this interview in National Geographic Magazine with 26 year old Chinese researcher Gao Yufang … Continue reading

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Foreign Affairs article on legalizing parts of the wildlife trade

This is the text of the article that I had published in Foreign Affairs in February on legalizing trade in some wildlife species. Africa’s Anti-Poaching Problem How Wildlife Trade Bans Are Failing the Continent’s Animals Decades after more than 100 … Continue reading

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