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Supporting rural women in Pakistan

This UN radio report describes FAO’s work to promote climate smart agriculture in Pakistan where water scarcity is acute. The project uses farmer field schools to introduce zero tillage (directly sowing on untilled land to avoid erosion and improve water … Continue reading

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The Great Leap Forward and Hayek

The horrific story of the collectivization of Chinese agriculture is related is this excellent Econtalk podcast interview with Frank Dikotter – insanity and cruelty on an unimagined scale. Arguably, the famine is relatively unknown in the West at least less … Continue reading

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How does trade policy support food security?

I attended a meeting at FAO last week. The Committee on Commodity Problems held an event in which experts from WTO and other trade related organizations┬ádiscussed the linkages between trade and agricultural policy. The impact of climate change on agriculture … Continue reading

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Circular economy examples from McKinsay

Mackinsy has two podcasts on the circular economy The first describes how the linear model (from production through processing to design, retail and disposal) has prevailed for 150 years. Whilst great efficiencies have been made we lose alot of value … Continue reading

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Climate change and the commodity trade

The Swiss Research Institute of Commodities Foundation (SRIC) is an organization established to promote research on commodity training, finance and shipping. Last night, I attended a lecture SRIC organized in Geneva to raise awareness about climate change and the role … Continue reading

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