About the blog

My name is Alexander Kasterine. I work as Senior Advisor in the Trade for Sustainable Development Programme at the International Trade Centre, a UN/WTO agency based in Geneva.

The blog is a diary of observations and thoughts from reading, field visits and events I attend during the course of my work for the UN on sustainability issues. I am particularly interested about the role that trade and markets can play to promote better use of natural resources and improved livelihoods in developing countries. I have a PhD in Agricultural and Environmental Economics from Imperial College, London.



2 Responses to About the blog

  1. Juliana Rademaker says:

    Dear Alexander Kasterine,
    I have looked to your blog and was quiet amazed I must say. Our school is running a club MUN (simulation of the United Nations) and will be helding a conference on climat change in January. The students must first be informed and prevented about the issues they will discuss. Therefore, we would be delighted to have you for a informational session in our school in Ferney Voltaire on a wednesday afternoon. Would you be interested?
    Juliana Rademaker, Secretary General of FerMUN

  2. Kate Maxwell says:

    Hello Alexander!

    I will be following from now on. Hope you well. Kate Maxwell, your fellow Madagascar mate

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