The Geneva Environment pub quiz – celeb vegans, the Doors and Paris

Last night President Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement. In other news, the Geneva Environment Pub Quiz organized by UN Environment and the Geneva Environment Network. took place. ITC (my employer) fielded two teams finishing 7th and 8th out of 24. Our teams had a wide range of ages and interests which seemed to work in our favour. So we won points from questions that you might expect in an “environment” quiz like identifying tree species and knowing Canada’s largest animal (blue whale). However, we could also name Leona Lewis (who?) in the “celebs who are vegans” questions. We aced the last section to name 10 songs with an animal in the title (e.g. Peace Frog by the Doors) thanks to my colleague’s husband who owns 2,500 vinyl records.

Congrats to the winners colleagues from UN Environment who had a cool prize to meet the CEO of SIG, Geneva’s local energy provider. It would have been good to meet him for sure, not just to find out how to reduce my energy bill, but to hear his thoughts on what it means for all of us with the US pulling out of the Paris Agreement.

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