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It is a month since I last blogged. The reasons for this dismal post rate is a combination of holidays and then work overload on my return to the office. The last quarter of the year at ITC is always particularly busy with project management. Well I can share with you news from the office. We are in the process of finalizing selection of three staff members to the Trade and Environment Unit. In October ITC is holding a workshop on trade and environment in Madagascar. We will present our work on sustainable sourcing of Nile crocodile and raffia and discuss with the Government other projects with a focus on sustainable models of trade in natural resources. In November, the Unit will visit Peru to work with PROMPERU on a project to support exporters access international markets in quinoa and cacao and improve sustainable sourcing. We also have a few interesting papers coming out, one on the scope for legalizing the rhino horn trade and another on how exporters of agri-food products in Uganda and Peru are adapting to climate change.

Good African Coffee's facility in Kampala. How will traders adapt to climate change? Photo: Glenna Gordon

Good African Coffee’s facility in Kampala. How will traders adapt to climate change? Photo: Glenna Gordon

Following in the vein of other agricultural economist bloggers like Marc Bellemare and David Pannell, I will aim in the coming year for less blogs but longer ones covering a theme I have been working on/interested in. My last 20 posts or so have very much focused on how economic incentives can be brought to bear on sustainable use of plants and animals (“use it or lose it”), so not alot more I say on this without sounding like a broken record. No doubt however, I will return to this theme frequently.

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