CITES Standing Committee – Day 2 snippets

ITC is attending the CITES Standing Committee (its annual meeting) this week. The week long meeting attracts 140 or so Party delegates (national environment officials) and another hundred of so NGO and international organization observers.
ITC has taken the opportunity to present its work on biodiversity at several side events during the week.
ITC’s press release explains further and I shall blog at a later date about some of the content:

Outside of organizing the side events, I have found some time to listen in to the discussion between Parties on the many different resolutions relating to trade in wildlife. One snippet today is the discussion on the poaching crisis of elephants. On one aspect of this, many Parties believe that destroying stockpiles “sends a message” that the ivory trade is wrong. They also advocate reducing demand and using legal measures to stop the illegal trade. Kenya for example took the view that this is the right route to “winning this war”. Notably, South Africa and Namibia stood out with an alternative said today that they believe that ivory stocks should not be destroyed as they are a national resource as enshrined in the national constitution of the former.

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