Baroness Young on ethical fashion

UK politician Baroness Young made the opening address to the SOURCE ethical fashion summit today that I am speaking at. Young by her own admission does not come across as your average politician in terms of her flamboyent dress style and down to earth and warm style.

She highlighted the growing importance of sustainability and interest in young consumers. When showing young people around Houses of Parliament she detects their keen sense of responsibility about sustainable sourcing but also that they do not know what to do about it – where do I shop, what materials and so forth.

She underlined the importance of having to find fresh, succient way to explain to consumers why how what they buy.

Baroness Young underlined the responsibility of consumer. With reference to the Rahma Plaza disaster she said “Don’t let the best be the enemy of the good”. She doesn’t want to “bash retailers over head but create a dialogue”

Finally she called for the industry to respond in a strategic and coordinated way and so avoid duplication of effort.

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